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“Magic of the Dance” which was voted “Best Irish dance show in the world” sells out and makes a little girls dream come true

Baden Württemberg – “Magic of the Dance”  sold out last night to thousands of satisfied ticket holders. The media reconfirmed the review of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that this is the best Irish Dance Show of all. The show was celebrated with enthusiasm and standing ovations. The first show was created in 1999 by Jaka Bizilj […]

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Mikhail Gorbachev’s ‘New Policy Forum’ and ‘Cinema for Peace‘

seize the 25th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall as occasion to stage special commemorative events which also seek to define a new universal framework for sustainable peace, building on lessons learnt by the peaceful revolution in Germany. Main elements of the program are an international symposium on November 8 and 9, titled […]

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“The Homage to ABBA – THE MUSIC SHOW” celebrated a sensational show in Rostock

Berlin – “The Homage to ABBA – THE MUSIC SHOW” celebrated a sensational show with original ABBA band musicians in the nearly sold out Stadthalle in Rostock  on February 1st, 2014. The audience recognized the incredible performance with standing ovations.    

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„Magic of the Dance“ and „The Fantastic Shadows“ on tour again

Berlin – Star Entertainment will present two of its most successful productions “Magic of the Dance” and “The Fantastic Shadows”, starting December 27th, 2013. Both of this extraordinary shows will be presented in numerous German cities such as Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Cologne, Berlin, Hannover, Dresden. Standing ovations are guaranteed every evening.  

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“Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit” and “Homage to Andrew Lloyd Webber – A Musical Gala“ in Frankfurt

“Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit – in concert” and the “Homage to Andrew Lloyd Webber- A Musical Gala“ celebrated their successful revival with Germany’s number one musical star Anna Maria Kaufmann and Ethan Freeman at the Alte Oper, Frankfurt in February 2013. The audience recognized the incredible performance with standing ovations.  

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Cinema for Peace New York 2012 – Artists help Development and fight Climate Change

On the occasion of the 67th General Assembly of the United Nations, Sting & Trudie Styler, founders of the Rainforest Fund, received the honorary “International Green Film Award”- a Green Oscar for the ongoing and tireless work of the Rainforest Fund – at Cinema for Peace New York 2012. Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation […]

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„Sports for Peace“ honoured Muhammad Ali

Berlin/London – On the historic occasion of the XXX. Olympic Games 2012 in London the initiative  “Sports for Peace“ hosted a Gala on July 25 at the Victoria&Albert museum in order to highlight humanity through sports and honour Muhammad Ali, the greatest icon of our time. This evening celebrated Ali`s Six Core values as they […]

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Homage to Andrew Lloyd Webber- A Musical Gala

Berlin – On March, 8th the great homage to Andrew Lloyd Webber – A Musical Gala with Ethan Freeman and Germany’s number one musical star Anna Maria Kaufmann was presented in the nearly sold out Alte Oper in Frankfurt. The audience recognized the outstanding performance with rounds of applause and minute-long standing ovations leading the […]

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Lord of the Rings, Phantom of the opera and Vienna Johann Strauß Waltz Gala enthuse audience

Berlin – “Lord of the rings –the concert”, the “Phantom of the Opera Gala” and the “Vienna Johann Strauß Waltz Gala” celebrated their successful revival at Hamburg, Hannover and Frankfurt in January 2012. Whether intoxicated by waltz on the musical journey through middle earth or under the thrilling spell of the Phantom – the audience […]

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Cinema for Peace

Berlin/ Los Angeles – On January 14th 2012 the “Cinema for Peace Gala” with Sean Penn and guests of honor like Julia Roberts, George Clooney and Leonardo di Caprio took place at Los Angeles. “Cinema for Peace” meanwhile belongs to the most important film gala events of the world and has its branches amongst others […]

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„THE FANTASTIC SHADOWS – THE WORLD OF SHADOWS” celebrates a fantastic World Premiere at the Gewandhaus in Leipzig

Leipzig – Star Entertainment GmbH presented the World Premiere of its new Live-Show “The Fantastic Shadows“ to a capacity audience at the Gewandhaus in Leipzig on January, 4th, which celebrated the show with standing ovations. In the course of the evening, the audience experienced shadow theatre at its finest, world class acrobatics and a highly […]

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Magic of the Dance

Magic of the Dance The most spectacular Irish Dance Show in the world is currently touring through Europe. The tour started on December 27th and the dancers inspire their fans with a rapid and captivating performance which is rewarded with minute-long standing ovations every evening. Until the end of February “Magic of the Dance” will […]

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